MODULAR Buildings / Modul-Gebaüde

Design & Build: Dwell, Industrial, Hotel and Retail Modular Buildings.

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Our  Modular Building production systems are based on the principles of Lean Building that fulfill Sustainability criteria as far as possible

We Work with prefab Frame Cells and as architectonical items. We have previosly re-designed the Project (Intern or Extern Arqchitects) to adapt to Modular Construction in order  to be easily transported and assembled.

During the last phase “On Site”, if you prefer, you  can hire directly finnishes and some Carpenters local ones to respect the Enviroment where the Building is located. We will coordinate and survey this works too.

Our Design Premises are:

- The Highest Energy Efficiency: All of our buildings have intensive isolation and Renewable Energy resources.

- Sustainability: Most of the materials  are recycled and sustainable. The design is  aimed to accomplish a lesser waste during the manufacturing and assembling process.

Our technical department is developing workshop drawings in which all materials are modulated to gain an optimal efficiency. We avoid high CO2 emission materials, not only during its manufacturing process  but also during its useful life.

- Very High Economical Efficiency:  We analyze costs, assembling timelines, transport process, to optimize the  final prize. This accurate process results in  a very competitive product and a viable alternative to decrease the  Residential Building prizes nowadays.









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